Roon and not-English characters

I have two Monk albums that roon reports as duplicates, but which are not. One is the old Prestige (now Original Jazz Classics) release Monk. The other is the more recent Gearbox release Mønk. I assume roon’s duplicate finding process regards o and ø as the same. I find that strange - and a bit worrisome - in a player that must deal with many classical compositions and performers whose names/titles have letters that do not occur in standard English spelling. For the record, while the albums both have 7 tracks, the tracks and timings are quite different and roon does display ø in the title of the Gearbox album. I suppose I should be grateful it did distinguish the mid-60s Columbia release Monk. (note the period) from the other two.

Hi Stan,
Regardless of your specific album: This is not that easy question, while sometimes you find on the same album edition “Christian Wallumrød Ensemble” on the CD, Christian Wallumrod Ensemble" on the front cover and “Christian Wallumroed Ensemble” on the cover inlay.

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