Roon and Nvidia Android TV, any chance?

Having a new home built. Now planning for audio/video. While planning what to keep and what to buy new, I’m now wondering about my current favorite piece, the Nvidia Android TV Pro. It’s powerful and they update it on a regular basis. Any hope of porting Roon to it.I have a few months before we move in. At the same time I’m also considering the Elac Discovery. I’m definitely trying to work Roon into the mix.

My NAS is low powered and my powerful HTPC I could do without unless needed. Whole house audio will be important.

The android app doesn’t have the server piece and i doubt it will for the foreseeable future. It is possible to side load the Roon app on the Shield Pro and use it to control Roon but you’ll still need the HTPC to run the server.

My suggestion would be to install Roon server or core on your HTPC and either directly connect that to your system in that room, and for the rest of the rooms raspberry Pis would provide economical solutions for any system there. I have the roon app installed on my Google nexus player and while it works navigation is not great with the remote. Much easier to use just a tablet or phone to control if not at a PC.

It would be great to get the Roon app to run on the NVidia Shield TV. The device is capable of hires audio so would make a great endpoint as well a control device via the TV. Being android it supports USB DAC’s. I have used it myself when I was using LMS and emulating as a squeezebox player with squeezelite and the sound was very good and fed in to my Arcam irDAC ii perfectly well. As there is support for Android phones as endpoints surely it would be easy to port the app over to Android TV?

I need this, so bad. Why can I not control Roon from my Shield. Roon is so strange with its priorities. Idk how, in 2018, it still cannot stream tunes and still cannot be easily used via Android TV.

I had a 60 month trial, I do not see myself renewing until I see some meaningful improvements from the dev team.

For Roon developers. Respected Sirs , we (users of Android TV devices) need BIT PERFECT Roon with album view on TV screen . Thanks !

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AThinking outside the box…

Use the Gamestream feature in your Nvidia Shield to pipe the Roon Ui on any computer on your network with Roon installed (used as a controller) to your main TV in the listening room?

Its what I’ve done to my delight. :slight_smile:
Not installed directly on my shield, but using its Gamestream facility to have Roon UI up there on my 65” OLED controlled by wireless keyboard connected to the Shield.

Audio wise it helps (I guess) that my dac is a Roon Endpoint and I just select that as my output device, can do thwt from any Roon controller connected to your Lan.

Pics here: