Roon and off line content management

This has I believe been touched on before but with iTunes about to be restructured is there any hope of Roon being able to: 1) manage one’s own music that one wants to save onto an iPad/iPhone? 2) more difficult I suspect, but also manage music downloaded from Tidal to iPad/iPhone for off line playback?

If 2) is out of the question for contractual reasons then I’d be over the moon if only 1) was to be implemented.

I’m a big fan of Roon but for now, for me these are the two biggest shortcomings. So sad to see the Roon icon on one’s phone but knowing it’s useless unless connected to a core.

I expect a lot of us, who still maintain a digital music library, are in the same position and with the demise of iTunes we’ll need to revisit how we manage music on iPhones.

Tidal do not allow any third party offline access due to copyright restrictions. This is the same for all streaming services. Their is nothing Roon can do about this.

Roon needs a core to operate, this is the basic principle of Roon the apps need to connect to it they are not capable of doing the database and everything else especially if you use DSP etc. It would be such a watered down Roon experience if you had localised files. They are working on a mobile solution but I imagine it needs to connect to the core and stream from there not be offline. I could be wrong and it may have a similar offline feature like Plex, but then Plex doesn’t really do half as much as Roon does.

But surely given the existing level of achievement of Roon’s programmers it would be technically possible for the software to facilitate the simple transfer of a number of local files to the iPhone and to have some bare bones functionality via the Roon app on the phone to navigate and play the files - one would not need the whole suite of DSP, file data etc on the phone?

If iTunes or its replacement were to ever embrace at least FLAC, dual management might be easier.

The best workaround I have read about was from someone who had set up XLR to run overnight periodically converting everything to AAC files, then syncing those files with iTunes. Not a free lunch, but simple to execute.