Roon and/or Qobuz on mobile devices?

Roon is great. I find and explore music, create tagged album lists, integrating Qobuz and my own CDs etc etc. But now I like to take that music with me elsewhere without packing my PC in a box.
I read that playlists I created in Roon covering Qobus material will not get exported to Qobuz. Really? Seems that favorites do, but that is not very refined. Unless I could “unlike” everything, then ”like” only the songs in my playlist and then choose those in Qobuz mobile and repeat that step. Would that work?
Is there any add-on in sight that would dump a playlist in 320kb/s MP3 for “to-go”? Could I connect to my Roon core through a VPN remotely? Any other thoughts/Ideas/Plans?

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