Roon and/or WiiM Pro

You will plug DAC into WiiM. You will plug WiiM into network. You will plug WiiM into power.

After you check the WiiM app for upgrades and set your output correctly.

Then Roon Settings → Audio and enable WiiM.

This is the benefit. As soon as its on the network it just needs to be enabled in Roon, no additonal software, and you’re good. Happy listening.

(If you don’t have a DAC you can use the analog outs and then also maybe you want to use WiiM device volume which is also working a treat thanks to the certification).

Hello I ordered a Wiim Pro to devide Roon Core on a MacBook Pro and the streamer to the Wiim Pro. Now the MacBook is Core and streamer together. Should I connect MacBook and Wiim by ethernet? Im want to use the Wiim by SPDIF to a Chord Qutest because the Qutest didn‘t work by USB at Roon.
The signal comes by Wifi to both, MacBook and Wiim.
Regards Rüdiger

The audio chain you are suggesting is…

Mac running RoonSerfer > ethernet > switch > ethernet > Wiim Pro > SPDIF > Chord Qutest

SPDIF has resolution limitations lower than that of USB connections. If you want higher than 24/192 resolution (Coax SPDIF limit) or 24/96 (Toslink SPDIF) then you need a different network endpoint other than the Wiim, one that is ethernet IN and USB out.

What resolution content are you trying to play to the Qutest.

Hello Daniel
I don’t want to play audio with higher resolution as 24/192, I prefer bit direkt with the Qutest. Upsampling softens my bass and I feel the Qutest works best without upsampling.
Why should I use a switch between two ethernet cables an not use one Ethernet Cable?
Regards Rüdiger

Hello Daniel
To explain my momentary situation I‘ll try to explain.
My Qutest is running badly on Roon with USB. It produces noises, so I use aktually a Topping D10s as an USB to SPDIF Bridge. This works well, but by reading the Roon instructions for audio quality I recognised that I should seperate Core an server an that‘s the reason why I‘m going to use the Wiim as a bridge.
I hope you can understand my thoughts.
Regards Rüdiger

I’ve got two Qutests running in two separate zones both on USB. They don’t make noise. Chord’s USB implementation should not be making noises. I would check with Chord or maybe even try different cables. There should be no unusual noises with Qutest using USB.