Roon and Orbi constant droputs

2012 Mac Pro running latest OSX (non beta)

Getting rather constant dropouts. (Several during each track played) My endpoints are Bluesound devices that run fine on their own. Dropouts are on his quality FLACS and even some MP3 old rips. In addition, sometimes music just stops, and I have to press play again. At other times, Roon seems to freeze, then reports I should remove ‘focus’ and then it crashes. I’m on build 416 of Roon.

My network is an Orbi router with two satellites. Most of the music is on the Bluesound Vault, with some other music on a hard drive attached to the Mac Pro.

The Bluesound vault is connected to a switch (Araknis). The other Bluesound devices are connected via WiFi on the Orbi.

Any help appreciated. Most days I just use the Bluesound without Roon and it is very stable, but there are so many advantages to Roon I’d like to use my lifetime subscription. Many thanks.

Welcome to the community Mel!
Is the Mac Pro you are running Roon on connected to the router via ethernet or is it connected wireless?

Ethernet… Araknis switch connected to the Orbi.

In some cases a setting in the Orbi router may affect communication to remote devices.

Netgear Orbi Routers

If you’re making use of an Orbi router, we recommend unchecking Disable IGMP Proxying in your router’s settings. This setting can interfere with the ability for Roon Remotes to connect to the Roon Core.

It would be a good idea to reboot your Roon Core (turn it off and restart it) after you’ve made that change in your router.

I’m just a Roon user, and we can help quickly in some of the easier cases. Since you have posted in Support a dedicated Roon Support person will take up this issue with you to help solve it in a systematic manner.

I had unchecked the IGMP setting based on reading some threads here. Good idea on shutting down the core and starting up again. Will try that and see what happens… thanks


Hi @Mel_Martin,

Does this happen with all endpoints, or just Bluesound? If you play to system output of the Core machine is there any change in behavior?

Reboot of my Mac Pro (core) improved things about 98%. Not sure why. I’ve heard only one or two dropouts over the last day. Remaining issue is the crazy warning about ‘focus’ and when I click on focus button Roon app (remote on a Mac Pro laptop) collapses and has to be restarted.

Otherwise, things seem back to normal. The suggestion to reboot the core computer was a winner!

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