Roon and Personal Cloud/Dropbox Smart Sync

Hi all. I’m currently running Roon using a Macbook Pro (my computer for daily use) as the core. My library is also stored on the same machine, syncing/mirrored to Dropbox. I realise this is far from the best possible setup from a performance perspective.

I’m running out of storage space on my MBP. However, I also travel a lot, and would like to be able to access my Roon library from wherever I am - this is a priority for me, and more important for me than optimal performance. I was thinking about two potential solutions:

  1. Using Dropbox Smart Sync, so that files are only fetched when they’re actually being used. However, I’m imagining there may be quite significant speed issues here. Theoretically, though, would be library remain intact if I were to do this? As I understand it, Dropbox keeps tiny portions of each file on the computer it’s synced to - would Roon still recognise the files as being present?

  2. Buying a WD or Seagate ‘Personal Cloud’ which, as I understand it, would make my files available even when I’m away from home. Is this correct? I’m imagining that might be the better solution, and would be keen to hear if anyone has made it work.

Thanks so much!