Roon and QNAP TVS-471 Core on SSD

Hi there,
this is my first post here, read many for a time, learn a lot of here, read many tipps. And so I do what I must do.
I’m running with a Qnap TVS-471, with i7, 16 GB Ram, 2x 8 GB with Raid1 and 1x 8 GB for Backup and a 512 GB SSD for the roon. I change both fan’s the 120 mm and the 40 mm with noctual. So at the end its still quiet and very fast.
It is fantastic. The Roon runs every day, you did here a great job, thank you very much.
Sorry for the bad english I’m a Bavarian Boy near Munich :-).

Greetings to all


Nice setup. I recommend switching to RAID 5 in order to optimise your storage, and do proper external backup. A disk in the same enclosure is bad for so many reasons and will give you a false sense of security.

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Quite similar setup to my TVS-471. I also upgraded the RAM to 16 GB, swapped the fan for a noctua and put an i7 cpu in it.
Have fun with it!

Grüße nach Bayern!

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Thank you very much

Happy New Year to all

I have one question, I have now an Onap TVS-671 with SSD 16 GB Ram an an Raid 5, could I use the ssd in the 5.the place of the NAS for the Roon core, or must it be in the fist place of the NAS?

Greetings from Bavaria

does the HDMI out work on the Qnap with the Roon Core ?

I can try it later on. I have a HDMI to mini-jack adapter somewhere here… :slight_smile:

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ok, that sounds good, thank you very much

I just tried it, using a HDMI -> VGA+Audio-jack adapter. Could not get any sound. Tried all 3 sound output devices. You are probably better off with a small USB audio DAC (like a Dragonfly).
I will give it some more effort…

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so I go out of the NAS with USB in a DAC?

That should work without any issue. If your Amp has an USB input you can hook it up directly to the NAS.

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Hi Chistopher,

Are you still using the TSV 471? I am thinking of getting one with the hope of upgrading in the future, like you to a faster processor. Will the standard i3 work with Roon? And I know this is off topic but will it work with Plex as well? Your help is appreciated.



It is running fine here… :slight_smile:
It is hard to give adequate advice in regards of the performance, as the needs of every user might be different. I also had Plex running on it, when the i3 was still installed, but upgraded shortly to an i7 (not because of the performance, more out of curiosity).

Hi Christopher,
Thanks for the response, I am still in the process of thinking about what to run my core on. Currently its running on a Synology DS718+ which is a bit slow for 40K tracks. I am still waiting for the next generation of Synology products. I still like the idea that all my data is in one place. I will also keep my eyes open for a Qnap. Thanks for the advice.

Are you considering a new NAS regardless, or are you looking to upgrade it because of Roon?

If the latter, I’d migrate Roon to a NUC. They’re low-ish power draw, unobtrusive, have more grunt, and they’ll cost you much less than an “equivalent” NAS.

I’m not against running Roon on a NAS, I run mine on a TS-451, but if I was upgrading solely for a faster Roon experience I’d definitely offload it on to a NUC.

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