Roon and QNAP TVS-471

Just wanted to report that I have successfully moved my core from a Mac Pro to a QNAP TVS-471. I received the QNAP on late Monday afternoon and had everything up and running flawlessly by mid morning the following day. If you follow the guides here on Roon you can make it happen. I had issues because I did not follow the directions as well as I should. I am a guy right? Were don’t follow directions well. I put a Samsung EVO SSD in slot one of the NAS in order to install and run the core. I put two 6TB WD Red Pro HDDs in slots 2 and 3 configured as Raid 1. In the fourth slot I put a 6TB WD Red Pro in order to do backups of my music library. I can tell you that QNAP support is terrible. I have both called and opened tickets in order to ask questions about the NAS configuration. I am still waiting to hear from them. I was able to figure it out myself eventually. I had some issues with adding my iTunes folder to Roon and was helped by Christopher Rieke in order to get that done and some additional minor issues that I was able to resolve. The result is that I have all my music in one place. It is backed up both by Raid 1 and replicated over to the fourth slot anytime there is a change. My Roon server runs very smoothly and I could not be happier. I just want to let this community know that if you are thinking about going this route and have the money to spend the reward will be had. Good luck. If I can do it so can you.

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Perfect but…the Backup on the same machine?
I think that is not safe.

Use an offline service like Crashplan to backup that QNAP!

Other than that, kick ass machine!

You raise a good point. My feeling was that if the machine failed I would still have the hard drives.

Can’t argue with this logic. It’s quite sound. I already use Crashplan for my pictures. I guess it makes sense to use it for the music as well.

I’ve got all my media on a QNAP TS-251+ on a RAID 1 configuration that is backed up to a TS-451 on a RAID 5. The TS-451 is backing up to Crashplan. My only problem here in London is my upload speed is pathetic. I hope to have the 451 backed up in about 8 more months!

By the way I’ve called QNAP support and gotten someone on the line in <1 min multiple times and even had a NAS replacement sent when the 451 went belly up. Believe me, they do fail, mine went in <6 months and they replaced it promptly. I guess my mileage varied!

This is funny. Turns out I am smarter than I thought. I was already backing my Music up to Crashplan. When I moved my Music off the Synology Diskstation and over to the QNAP, Crashplan was smart enough to understand that there was a new Music folder and it was backing that up. So thanks to all for the suggestion. I guess I am already doing it.

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Pre-edit, I know you have gotten squared away with Crashplan but I still wanted to comment on this:

While that might be true. One of the ways for a machine to fail is the power supply. I have seen cases of both NAS’ and computers where the power supply’s failure “took out” other internal hardware including disk drives. And that is why there also should be a backup to another machine/location.

I use Resilio Sync to sync my QNAP to a Synology. It will work in Lan and over the internet without the need to forward any ports in your router.

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I use sync also with a friend.
I backup his files, he my files.
We have QNAP Nas at home.
And…no extra cost.(…1HD)

Another option is to physically remove the backup drives and store them until you want to do another backup

Also an option is use a USB mounted drive to backup when needed.

Best is another nas is you have one. That said I have 2 synology nas and I have never ever been able to get automated backups to work over the LAN with any of the built in options, or a few of the third party ones

I have USB in the past. It’s a solid option.

I would second that. It works great And Chris was a big help and very timely. I would highly suggest this setup, though I did a RAID 5 setup versus a RAID 1. But either way I works flawlessly.

How did you set up your drives? The way I did it RAID 5 was not an option.

For Raid5 you need at least 3 HDDs:
2 (or more) HDDs will store your data and the last will have a Parity value.
In that case you won’t loose any data if 1 drive fails. The data can be reproduced with the parity.

Ah. I see. I set up my two drives into Raid 0 and the third drive to mirror the RAID set up. This way if I ever lost the RAID array I would have another drive with the music saved. I also back that same RAID array to a USB device and to the cloud via Crashplan. So I guess I have three backups for my music folders.

Correction. I set up my RAID array to be RAID 1. Don’t know why I said RAID 0.

It’s good that you’re doing offline backup, but I wouldn’t recommend that NAS setup. If you stripe the data across two disks, you only need a problem on one single disc and you’ve lost everything. And the mirrored disc becomes irrelevant because it just copied the corrupted data.

I can’t think of any situation on a home NAD where you’d need the performance increase of striped disks.

Really RAID 5 is the safest option with the most efficient use of space.

JUst saw your edit :slight_smile: RAID5 still more efficient. Remeber that mirrored disks in a NAS don’t constitute backup, so you may as well use the more efficient space arrangement of RAID5.

Thanks. I am considering making the change. The more I read about the various RAID arrays the more I get to thinking.

Drives 1-3 RAID 5 configuration and drive 4 SSD for Roon core.