Roon and Qobuz: Troubles Again?

Should these two seek couples therapy?

Are you having Qobuz login issues?
If so can you please provide some further details to better assist you.

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No, No login issue.

Well, just the same sort of issues people have been reporting in @Support and on Roon Facebook groups for about a month: No connection to Qobuz (rebooting usually resolves); connection to Qobuz but “too many skipped tracks” errors (rebooting usually resolves; issue “resolved” but the but then returns; and so forth.

I had not personally experienced any of this until just this morning (owing to no changes I had made in my setup or my usual practices). I simply selected a recommended album and after a delay involving skipping of tracks, I got the “too many skipped tracks” notice. I then tried a few other titles from Qobuz with the same result. Because I had read a number of complaints about this problem, I rebooted ROCK and. of course, this “resolved” the problem. (We’ll see…)

Are you unaware of this ongoing general issue?

Anyway, I’m not actually seeking help since I do not believe this is a user-end issue. I posted here rather than in support as a way of snarkily commenting on Roon’s typically opaque communications about problems affecting a number of users and what is being done at Roon’s end to address them.

But thanks for the opportunity to clarify the meaning behind “should these two seek couples therapy” jibe. As everyone knows, sarcasm is always better when explained!

Did you see the latest post?

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Right. Qobuz says it’s a “one-off” on their end, and says restarting Roon is a “solution” to the problem “for most users.”

Meanwhile, Roon maintains radio silence.

Neither of these are inexpensive services. It would be nice to have some real communication from either one.