Roon and RDP connection

Roon Windows 64 bit (newest 1.8) running on Windows 10 20H2.
I connect to this station with RDP (MS Remote Desktop).
#Support - why disconnecting causes this error and how could it be solved?
I am forced to use the RDP solution because on my Mac OS X 10.11.6 Roon started to conflict with installed security software …

W/o getting into the Roon related bits: is a professional, free for private use, alternative maybe.

Thanks - I know this solution and I use them in my professional installations.
But I have never used the free version. Are you sure that it does not require registration and does not communicate constantly with the “headquarters”?

Pretty certain. You even can use it LAN internal only (see options). By that you call it by the private IP rather than by it’s TeamViewer ID. Further - if you want to make sure TV does not see you - block external comm via your router’s firewall.

Hi @Lonek

Roon relies on OpenGL functionality to work properly, and we’ve found that OpenGL functions don’t work as expected when using RDP and it can result in issues like you’re seeing here. Using an alternative like TeamViewer could definitely help here!

Edit: Just a note that, while we haven’t tested this in-house, NVIDIA has released a tool for OpenGL-accelerated remote desktop on Windows. This might help improve things if you’d like to give it a try!

Thank you for information.

Why are you running full Roon on the Windows machine?
You could obviously control it with the hardware you are using to run RDP today?
And, me, i would never ever run athird party tool for remote desktop on a windows machine. It is actually one of the things Microsoft has really nailed, working splendid on Mac’s, Tablets and PC’s alike…

If not “full Roon” then which Roon version ought I use on Windows machine?

Use the Roon Server (64bit i assume) which has no control/gui-part.
I use a few Windows/Mac based Roon Servers that are run headless. They all use the Roon Server-package, without the GUI. And i control them using my iPad (or whatever).

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But how to start playing music when only Roon Server is installed; I can not see my albums, my tunes - no interface…

Via the mobile remote apps (iOS, Android)?

Roon server on the PC you cannot access via RDP and Roon remote on the other machine you are using RDP on.


Thanks Again - proper OpenGL tuning and problem solved :slightly_smiling_face:

Gents I found this solution to be definitive: Deleted Microsoft Remote Display Adapter - Microsoft Q&A

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