Roon and Roon/Oppo will not play music for me again

Roon Core Machine

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

About 2000 albums

Description of Issue

I can’t get Roon to play music.

Here is my system’s starting point with the Roon Nucleus and all audio systems connected with Ethernet Cat6a cables. Roon has latest update

Here is my setup in my primary system:

Here is my set up in my secondary system.

Now for the problem:

I have just had to restart Roon Nucleus and Audio Alchemy DMP-1 to get Roon to play music and finally it does play music. Yay, at last!

However, I can’t get my second room’s audio system to join in the play.

My Oppo UDP-205 is my Roon endpoint in my second system and it is often a reluctant participant with Roon. Here, too, I’ve tried restarting pertinent players, in this case, the Oppo and an Audio Alchemy DDP-1 DAC. But without any success.

Meanwhile my living room system continues to play. But not for long!

I decided to skip a few tracks on the music album I was listening to and Invoked Roon’s “play from here” option whereupon I got the dreaded message “starting playback on your audio system. This may take a moment”. How about “this may take forever” as a more appropriate message.

This particular message has plagued me in the past and I’ve found no solution for it, I would greatly appreciate some help with both my issues.

It is now an hour later and I am still getting the same message to “….wait a moment”. Help wanted, please.

I’m going to close your other near identical thread as more than one on the same subject will only dilute the quantity/ quality of responses.
Thank you for your patience and understanding

I couldn’t find the other message to delete it, so thanks for getting rid of it.

Have you tried plugging the Oppo straight into the DDP-1, bypassing all the other steps, for troubleshooting.

I will have to get Roon started again before I can try your suggestion. But, even so, I confess I don’t understand how I can connect the Oppo into the DDP-1. By way of RCA interconnects?

When I started the thread there was only the Roon/Oppo problem. Subsequently Roon became a problem. I might do better by rewriting my original post.

Sorry, a bit tired atm, I meant to say Oppo to Pioneer via RCA.

I opened my Roon app this morning and pressed play on the album it refused to play yesterday after repeated attempts - and it played just fine! But some hours later, I interrupted the music to switch to a different album and I got the dreaded message again “starting playback….this may take a moment”. Oh no, not again.

I was so grateful that my perpetually temperamental Roon decided to play today, but now it’s down again and I’ve learned nothing about why it wouldn’t play yesterday and now again today. I suffered through 8 hours at least with no music yesterday and now I’m again without Roon. I very much hope Support will step in and explain what went wrong and how to fix it when it happens.

On the second issue: Unfortunately that persists. I can’t figure out what I need to do to get Roon to play in my TV system. I have directed Roon to play simultaneously in my living room and my TV system. It was playing just fine in my living room, though not now as I said above. But at that time, I’ wanted to listen in my TV room though and I couldn’t. Every once in a while it works but mostly it doesn’t. I should add that Oppo playa dvds just find, so it is not down.

I can’t easily test it moving RCA cables to the Pioneer because it is in amplifier only mode and as such I have no volume control. It’s kind of a big deal to reset everything to do this.

Since, I’m not official support you might to wait for them before moving things around.

Hi @Echolane,

Sorry to hear about your playback issues. We’d be happy to help with this.

Some of what you’re describing (starting playback….this may take a moment) sounds like potential network issues.

Has your Oppo setup worked in the past without issue? As @Rugby indicated, your Oppo signal flow jumps thru a few hoops. Running a direct line straight to the Pioneer may help to reveal where the problem is introduced. Were you able to attempt that test?


Days and days and days later I am still having the problem.

Yes, it has worked in the past and with everything connected as it is now.

I confess, I don’t really understand your suggestion to go directly to the Pioneer. If the Oppo plays DVDs just fine, what would be different for streaming?

Hey @Echolane,

Circumventing the Sony Bravia and Audio Alchemy will help us to determine where your problem is introduced in your signal chain. If there’s no issue when directly connected to your Pioneer AVR it suggests that the problem is in one of those devices. If the problem persists with the direct connection then we troubleshoot to find a solution that still works when we patch the disconnected devices back in.

Did anything at all change in your system at about the time your problems began? Firmware updates to any devices, router updates, OS, etc?

Can you also please ensure that you’ve installed our latest update, Build 970 on your Core and Remotes?

We’ll watch for your reply and get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks!

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I returned to this problem yesterday. I turned on the Oppo, the Audio Alchemy and the TV, selected some music and pressed play from my iPad. Much to my surprise, Roon played my music selection just as it is supposed to do.

Absolutely nothing was changed in the lengthy interim when I couldn’t get my system to play music via Roon.

I am mystified. Why would it fail to work for countless number of attempts in the interim?

My suspicion would be that some settings configuration in the device chain was impeding signal pass through. Can you play audio all the way through to the Pioneer now, or just as far as the Audio Alchemy DDP-1?

Yes, I can play all the way through the music chain, just as it has been set up for many months.
The music chain is as follows:
HDMI switch set to Oppo > Bravia TV
Bravia TV > optical cable > Audio Alchemy > Pioneer Stereo Receiver (not AVR).
Absolutely nothing has been changed or altered. The TV must be turned on, the HDMI switch set to OPPO. This is proven by the display on the TV so it’s impossible to go wrong.
I should add that the TV display is key. If it doesn’t display the album cover, then something has gone wrong.

Hey @Echolane,

I’m glad that things are working for you now! That’s great news. I don’t see an HDMI switch in your setup schematic. Where does that device enter your signal chain, upstream from the Bravia?

Yes, the HDMI switch is missing from the drawing, it should be shown right above the box that says Bravia with 5 HDMI inputs and one output to the TV.

I’m really really glad to be back to being able to listen to music.

Thank you for confirming @Echolane. You have a nice, but fairly complex, setup. I think there are some issues taking place in the signal handshake between those devices. The next time this happens try taking that HDMI switch out of the chain temporarily to see if that makes a difference.

Your observation here seems to point to something upstream from the Bravia, it could be a syncing error in that HDMI switcher.

Many many thanks for your help!! And your after comments are so helpful, just what I was hoping for because I’m pretty sure I’ve not seen the last of this problem. I have suspected the Oppo as the culprit, and never once considered the switch. HDMI switches are typically very cheap products. Mine was a little more expensive because it featured a remote control, but I usually need to press the remote control two or three times to make a change in sources. It wouldn’t surprise me if it has a handshaking problem.
Thanks again!


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