Roon and sonore ultrarendu [Answered - Core needed]

Hello forum. My dad has just bought a Sonore ultraRendu to use with his system, but we can’t make it working…
We have activated the Roon app on the sonore control panel but after launching the Roon Ios app, it can’t find it.
The diagnostic tells that the DAC is correctly connected.!
I have checked the router and the firewall is already turned off, so I think this is not blocking the connection to the rendu.

Do you have any suggestions? I can provide you more details if needed :slight_smile:
Many thanks to all!

Have you tried rebooting the ultraRendu from the rendu web interface? If that doesn’t work then power cycle it (disconnect power, wait 10 secs, reconnect power).

Yes, I have already tried it. I can only make it working if the PC is turned on with Roon Server running…but this make no sense, because the server must be the ultraRendu.

No the UltraRendu isn’t the Roon server, it is a Roon endpoint. The server needs to be running (on your PC as you say) and then, using Roon Remote (on your iPad), it will detect that the server is running; you should be able to ‘see’ the ultraRendu in the ‘Audio’ section in Settings. In the ‘Audio’ window look under the ‘Networked’ section and you should see the ultraRendu listed. Click ‘Enable’ and follow the instructions.

Oh thanks for reply. So what can be the best way to have a Roon server running? Do I have to setup a pc on a different room maybe?

This might be helpful:

Yes, you need to have Roon Core (Roon or Roon Server) running on a suitable MacOS, Linux, or Windows PC. Alternatively, you can install ROCK on an Intel NUC. Additionally, some NAS’s are capable of running Roon Server.

“The core can be your Mac or Windows PC, or a server from one of our hardware partners.“

Reading this We thought that the sonore device ad the core, but what you say is that the ultraRendu is a Roon output?

The Roon mode in the ultraRendu is only an output mode. It even states this on the Sonore webpage:

Mode #5 - RoonReady Output - This output utilizes streams from Roon. This output supports true gapless playback of PCM, DSD/DoP, and native DSD.

It’s not a server device.