Roon and Sonos - Drop Outs [solution]

Posting just to explain how I solved a recurring problem with nagging audio drop outs.

My system is simply a Nucleus+ Core feeding Sonos speakers in a variety of rooms.

The Sonos system, as well as the Nucleus are on an Eero Wi-Fi mesh network.

The eero mesh net work is a subnetwork to our main Internet service through Xfinity

Trouble begins when we start to group Sonos zones. Sometimes it works and sometimes we start playing a track and after two or three seconds the audio drops off and Roon reports the track is playing but no audio is outputting.

Ungrouping does not solve the problem.

We tried rebooting, unplugging and disconnecting and reconnecting everything. In the end, the only thing that solved the problem was restarting the eero mesh net work from the eero app on a mobile phone.

Once the network came back online, the audio drops disappeared.

Of course, now we are going to find out if they will reappear when we once again start grouping Sonos zones.

Just thought I’d share this information. It’s not highly technical but experiential.

Ungrouping zones does nothing to solve the problem.

I added “solution” to your title and moved the post top the #audio-gear-talk:sonos category. Hopefully it will help Sonos owners in the future :+1:

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