Roon and Squeezebox "Classic"

I’ve got Roon up and running with my Squeezebox Touch so I thought I would try using it with the Classic version of the Squeezebox. Roon recognizes it and the screen of the Classic has roon written across it. But I can’t get any music playing. FWIW, this player has not been active for a couple of years. It did upgrade the firmware when I plugged it in; not sure if there are other updates I need to run to get it compatible with Roon or are the older Squeezeboxes just not compatible with Roon?

My SB3 runs great. Make sure you select it as the network player. Or maybe the player has issues.

The classic plays up to 24/48 i believe. If you’re playing high res music you might need to set Roon settings for it to limit bitrate.

Except that the SBs report their capability to the server…

Unexpected, hidden, levels of awesomeness! :slight_smile:

Got it figured out. Helps if you connect the Squeezebox to your DAC! Working just fine.

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