Roon and the Linn remote

There was some correspondence on this issue over a year ago, but it’s been closed and I can’t add to it. The problem is simple: I use a Linn Akurate DSM and actually find the Roon integration pretty darned good. Except for one thing: the Linn remote won’t pause if eg the phone rings. So if I’ve closed my control device (ipad or iphone) to preserve its battery life while listening, I can’t pause fast enough. I’m pretty sure this did work on the remote originally, but either Linn or Roon updated something quite a while ago, and it no longer does. In the closed correspondence the Roon software team promised to look for a solution. Is there any hope of one?

Yes, it is annoying. Mute on the Linn remote works, but pause does not (Klimax System Hub + Klimax 350 active speakers).

Yah, I find this annoying as well. Volume works. Maybe I can switch sources (I don’t remember because I don’t pick it up that often because it’s useless).

I was a little floored that they didn’t improve the remote with the Organik DSM.

The problem is with the Roon<->Linn interface, not simply on the Linn side. All the Linn remote buttons seem to work if the DSM is playing from a non-Roon source.

I’m sure that’s right - but it would be good if someone from Roon would comment here on the matter.

Typically they only comment on the support threads.