Roon and the new Apple TV

Is Roon going to be available on the new Apple TV since it is now going to support apps?

This would be beyond amazing. The issue, I suspect, would be the same private zone issue found on the iPad. So the ATV would need to have a remote app and a room speakers app both running simultaneously to work properly.

I cannot overstate how great an ATV solution would be, this would make multi room so easy with only a Mac mini core and ATVs everywhere else. The other issue would be support of high res files, which I doubt would be an option over ATV.

You can always use ATV’s as Airplay endpoints but to support the full Roon user interface on your television, the UI would have to be reimagined, as it is very much built around the idea of touch or mouse now.

OK… I investigated this new Apple TV a bit more… what you want won’t happen this year, but I’m very optimistic that it can happen at some point.

When they ship, we’ll get our hands on one and see what we can do.


Thanks for looking into this! This would be a great way to lower the hardware investment costs for a lot of new roon users who want multi room options.

I currently have my roon core on a Mac mini in my upstairs listening room, and another Mac mini as a remote downstairs attached to my entertainment center and living room TV. This is working nicely but the prospect of making the downstairs Mac into a roon server so I could use it exclusively for roon, while still being able to have the Roon experience on the big screen, is very appealing.

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Apple TV support of high res playback would be great.

You’d have to ask Apple for that, it currently is a hardware limitation.

I was very enthusiastic about the new Apple TV… until it became clear that the digital/optical out has been removed. I currently use Roon for airplay to an Apple TV v3, then to my DAC via the optical out. Quite happy with it. This won’t work with the new Apple TV, so I doubt if I would be upgrading soon.

@danny, Just to be clear the new Apple TV 4 runs on tvOS

It is unclear if tvOS and the Apple TV 4 hardware supports 24bit or DSD bitstreams over HDMI. However, using your current iOS implementation, as is, might get your moving in the right direction. You’d have to implement local zone playback on the Apple TV 4, no?

At any rate, I see nothing but good things for you and Roon if this idea turns out to be a credible and accepted solution.

Has anything shown high resolution output is possible?

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I’d say hi-res is unlikely. But considering many of us are using AirPlay to atv as an endpoint anyway, its not a deal breaker. I’d still love the visual of roon on my living room tv as opposed to using a tablet as a remote and air playing the audio to the atv, which is what I’m doing now.

Let’s do radio first :smile:

I’m actively searching, nothing thus far.

yah, i think the right answer is to focus on a native app that just does audio + now playing, and ignore the high-res possibilities on apple tv


Curious, why would you ignore the high res possibilities?

@fritzg: because this is a hardware issue, not software. Our software can play hi-res, but until the ATV can be proven to play anything better than 44.1khz. Apple doesn’t claim it can be done, and everything they’ve put out says it cant, including their own Airplay protocol.

Thanks. I guess in that case it is not possible, so of course abandon it. To me if it is possible, it is worth trying.

At any rate looking forward to roonspeakers on a variety of platforms so users can have more choice.

I got two AppleTVs last week and perusing Roon settings I found they were available as locations, something I hadnt noticed with the older AppleTV…lo and behold, Roon music is playing from them, controlled by my laptop as a remote controlling the MacMini Core…what resolution might this be?

According to its specs 16/48 in video.

I would love to see a remote app for tvOs functioning similar to the iPad app.

Hi res and dsd, not an issue because you would just use the tvOs as an interface which would be much easier and more enjoyable on a large interface.