Roon and the new Sonos One with Alexa

Anyone else pre-ordered or getting the Sonos One?
I’m replacing a set of Vanatoo One speakers, Apple TV connected via optical to the speakers for Airplay, and an Echo Dot with two of these for the bedroom for a much cleaner and more flexible setup.
Since Roon works with Sonos now that is also a major driver that was holding me back from Sonos and their proprietary app. I’m guessing these will work with Roon right out of the box.
Plus they will support Airplay 2 next year and direct connect from multiple streaming apps.
Finally Sonos is opening up.
These are supposed to have a bigger magnet for a little more bass than the existing Play 1’s.
Ironically I was going to get two Homepods but that would be $300 more plus be much less flexible and sadly Apple just can’t get it together with Siri.

I did not realize the actual speaker is different. FYI, with the existing Play One and an Alexa you can voice control Sonos (but obviously Roon is not in that equation).

Sonos can’t stream highest quality streams but it rock solid at what it does.

Do think out your long term picture with Roon before jumping in, for example you can’t group Sonos and non-sonos end points in Roon.


Sonos said the internals are very different but they should sound the same except for slightly more bass.
I do know that you can voice control now but having Alexa built in to the Sonos One means I don’t need an echo dot. Orr my speakers and iso acoustics stands and Apple TV. I’m going to simplify by a whole lot with these.
I’m pretty sure two of them with TruePlay tuning will sound good enough for bedroom speakers but I will know soon since I should get mine on release day on the 24th of this month.
I have thought about multi room with Roon. I can do that Airplay on my Kef LS50W in the living room and Airplay 2 on the Sonos One. Roon will see both of them.
I’ve been doing multi-room with Airplay for a long time now and always thought it was a better solution than Sonos as you can use lots of different equipment and also do it a lot cheaper than Sonos everything.

Two Ones and a subwoofer do very well together! Sonos sub is pricey but helps the sound on the ones!

That’s what people say. Seems like overkill for this though.

Got my Sonos One today. They sound better than the Play 1. A little clearer, richer, and more bass.
Best of all Roon saw them and connected with no issues :slight_smile:


I am using 2 different sonos speakers in my apartment, a Play:1 and a new Sonos One with Alexa.
They do show differently in Roon, it seems like the Play:1 is recognized as a Roon tested device wit hits own icon while the Sonos One (renamed Red) shows as a
networked device with no dedicated icon.

Is anyone experiencing the same ?

I would raise this in support as a new issue rather than appending to this old thread.

Good point…will do