Roon and Tidal lower bitrate

I do not have the bandwidth to play Tidal music through Roon and the highest quality. How do I lower the quality of the Tidal stream so it plays in Roon? Thank you.

Have you tried changing “Quality” in the Settings of one of the Tidal desktop or mobile apps?

Yes, I’ve changed the settings in Tidal restarted both Tidal and Roon, no joy.

I fooled around with this, including logging out of Tidal and back in within Roon, after changing quality settings in the Tidal desktop app. I couldn’t get the stream quality to change in Roon, either.

Maybe this is a use case that hadn’t been anticipated by the Roon team?

You can change your Tidal suscription to “downgrade” the service, unfortunatly the change will not take place untill the next billing cycle. I don’t know if that change will do it. I just want to listen to Tidal tracks at my rural Canada summer place where the internet is real slow, I understand that the quality will suffer.

There’s no way to choose lower quality streams in Roon right now – we always grab the highest quality stream your account is licensed for.

You could open a feature request for us to add that feature, but I agree that the fastest way to get what you’re looking for is probably to downgrade your account.

[quote=“mike, post:6, topic:30601, full:true”]
the fastest way to get what you’re looking for is probably to downgrade your account.
[/quote]Or upgrade your ISP, I think 10Mbit is enough for vanilla Tidal hires (provided its a stable 10Mbit).

If possible, stay away from WiFi though, I have a 500Mbit connection but used WiFi from Roon host to the ISP modem, and got dropouts. Once I used an Ethernet cable, its rock stable.

Thanks for the replies I live in a rural area and just got an upgrade from dialup but my speed is usually under 1 megabit. No Tidal I guess.

I talked to Tidal and they changed my bitrate right away (I didn’t have to wait for the next billing cycle) so now I have Tidal at my rural location and when I get home to LA I can change back to the highets rate. Thanks Tidal.