Roon and Tidal Maters

Does Roon automatically select the best track to play? or do you have to find the masters track?

Example. I have Crazy by Aerosmith in one of my Tidal playlists (through Roon). When i play through Roon it plays the FLAC version as opposed to the masters version that i can see is available?

Do you have to have the playlist on Roon? as opposed to Tidalvia Roon?

I have possibly answered my own question… but interested in the answer…

If the MQA version is also in your library, and Roon recognizes it as the same album as the Redbook version, Roon should play the MQA version. I’ve definitely had situations where I’ve had two different versions of an album in my library and noticed the lower quality version being played. When I looked at my list of albums by that artist, Roon was treating the two versions of the same album as two different releases. Once I edited the 2 via ‘Group Alternate Versions’, Roon selects the higher quality version as the primary version and I’m all set.

No it doesn’t.