Roon and Tidal Videos - anyway to stop them showing? [Resolved - Build 223]

Hi, I’m currently on Roon 1.3 Trial and I noticed that sometimes when I was accessing Tidal and play a Single/EP - it was actually Tidal video, as my DAC will shows that the bitrate is 48KHz, and as a result I got a bad distortion on my speakers and the video (or Roon shows it as a track) will then stop playing after a few seconds.

Is there a way to tell Roon to stop showing Tidal videos on the UI so that I will not mistakenly click on one?


Please put them in an own section not under Singles/EPs

@danny - is this part of your roadmap?

Hi @Noel_Singgih ---- Thank you for the feedback and my apologies for the wait. We would like to evaluate this behavior your are reporting in-house. May I kindly ask you to provide me with the following information:

  1. Please provide the steps you took for when you located the TIDAL video being referenced in your report.
  • If you can also provide a URL to the video that would be appreciated as well.
  1. Please verify your location so we know where you are accessing TIDAL from geographically (i.e. “UK TIDAL region”).


lets get the steps for navigating to a particular video, in a particular tidal region, and confirm that this failure happens.

Hi @Eric,

I am using Roon exclusively with Tidal, so it is when I do a search for a new song/track and if it then return results including some music videos, Roon doesn’t seem to have the capability to show the music videos as videos, instead it groups them under Single and EPs.

When i then played that music video (unknowingly as the Roon interface doesn’t tell that it is a Music Video) - I heard a loud pitch noise on my speaker that lasted maybe for 1 second, then the playing stops and there is no other sound coming out.

This seems to happen to any music video, as it had happened to me with several searches that I did, the last one was when I searched for Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick’s “True Colours”.

FYI - when this happened, I can also see on my DAC that the bitrate that is coming from Roon (via my Roon Bridge that is Raspberry Pi 3) is showing 48KHz.

I hope this helps, at the moment, i’m out of my trial account, but i think this still need to be fixed to avoid others from getting the same thing which potentially can damage theirs/ours speakers.

Thanks. Noel

Hi @Eric - now that I’ve officially a Roon subscriber (Hooray!!) I am hoping that this issue can get resolved… the experience when it happened is really nasty!

Let me know please if you need any further information.


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Hi @Noel_Singgih — Welcome to the “club” :sunglasses: A ticket has been taken out and is being tracked by our developers. The only bit of information I need is from my original post. Can you please provide the information requested in question #2

  1. Please verify your location so we know where you are accessing TIDAL from geographically (i.e. “UK TIDAL region”).


Hi @Eric,

Sorry that I missed that bit. :-). I am located in Hong Kong.


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It just happened again and this time I looked into some of the metadata and found that if I look into “Credit” there’s an information there that indicate that this “track” is actuall a video.

Maybe this screen capture can provide better picture of what I meant… have a look at the bottom part of the image, under Product, you’ll see that it is a “VIDEO_TRACK_BUNDLE_VIDEO_xxx”

If you do a search on Christina Perri on Tidal, there’ll be two of the same singles “A Thousand Years”, one is this one (a video) while the other one is the real song, which plays okay.

I hope this helps in the investigation. Thanks again!

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+1 as I find it very annoying for videos to show up in the Singles/EP section.

+1 for this. My partner fell into this trap at the weekend. Gave us a very nasty shock when we heard the noise. Needs sorting asap or expect some class 1 actions against damaged ears and speakers.:grin:

An update - I’ve just had the latest build installed on all my Roon setup and this issue has disappeared. I can now play video file without that loud screech noise. Tried the same songs/videos as before and all good.

Not sure of the root cause, but I’m happy that that noise has gone away! :slight_smile:

@Noel_Singgih I didn’t know Roon plays video files or did I read that wrong? Does it play it as video or just the audio part of the file?

Hi @kayo, only the audio part and at a lower quality.