Roon and Tidal won't connect automatically

All software up to date (except Mac: -> 10.13.6)

I can load Roon, but it cannot find TidalTidalForgets
When I hit Retry I am directed to Tidal site, where I have to accept that Roon connects with it. I have to do this 2-3 times before it works. After a reboot the same again and again…

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I’m having the same issue myself. Every time I reboot, or if I close down the program and run it again, I get the above notification that TIDAL login failed.

Hi @KnockKnock,

We are aware of an issue that is causing TIDAL to need to be logged into again after each restart of Roon. We have a ticket open and our team is currently testing some changes that we believe should improve things. I can’t provide any timelines just yet, but we hope to have this available soon.

Thanks for the report!

I am experiencing the very same issues as above with Roon and Tidal.

Are you still working on a fix?

Kind regards

the update from Roon was just two hours ago!


Keep our fingers crossed :smiley:

Best KnockKnock

Sorry I am still experiencing exactly the same issues as above after the very recent Roon update?

Can you help please?

Same for me - not every time, but in most cases. Recently the Roon window froze when I tried the “retry” option under “Tidal login failed” and I had to repeat the whole thing several times. Very annoying!

The recent update was stated as fixing a different issue. The login issue is still outstanding

Hi @Gareth_Tuffery,

The improvement I mentioned before is still being tested — Build 555 included one fix, but our next release will include more changes, including an improvement for this issue. I can’t provide specific timelines just yet, we are still testing the release, but we hope it will be available very soon.

Any update on this? I’ve just started experiencing this myself. Hadn’t seen it before. But, it started a couple days ago.

This may be a Comcast issue for me. I don’t get this same experience when connecting outside of Comcast’s network (via VPN).

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