Roon and Topping DM 7 Multichannel DAC

I wonder if this DAC will be compatible and works with full 8 channels if i connected to a Raspberry PI running Ropieee or directly connected to Roon Rock, and using it with a 3 Amps to run a 3 Way Active Speaker using DSP to make de crossovers and delays.


Try it (it has released today and so not many people had tested it already), bug my former (which should work under Linux) Okto Research DAC 8 Pro hasn’t function under Linux.
By the way: You can also use a mini pc with Windows/Asio and I would prefer the DAC8 Pro, because there you’ve a channel mapping included.

What did you discover? Does the DM7 work with RPi via USB?

It does in my CamillaDSP system. RPi4 in a custom case running Ubuntu server with CamillaDSP on top. Can’t speak to how it works with other OSes though like RoPieee.

Do you run volumio or ropieee on the same rpi as camillaDSP?


RoPieee is a closed OS with no SSH access so how would I even install CDSP on it?

My point is if the OS has a new enough kernel it will detect the DM7 (and other mch DACs) just fine over USB. That’s half the battle. Whether Roon can then use this as a mch DAC via its bridge software, I don’t know. It does seem to detect it as mch though:

I have Roon bridge installed on my RPi4 CDSP box and this is the endpoint found in Roon. Notice the option for channel layout. I assume this is because the Ubuntu server OS detects the DM7 properly and not because of anything CDSP is doing but I can’t be sure. I also have Ubuntu server and Roon bridge installed on a mini pc with HDMI out to an AVR that I do use just for Roon as a mch endpoint and this is how it appears in Roon as well.

Success for me with the DM7 with Roon playing 5.1 dsf (ripped SACD) files and ripped DVD Audio files.
I’m running ROCK on a NUC7 i5. Connecting USB out from NUC directly to USB in on DM7.
In settings: native DSD, channel layout 5.1, downmix as needed. AND- send stereo/mono content as 5.1. This does NOT seem to add fake extra channels- stereo files only come out of 2 speakers as they should. But before I enabled that, all 5.1 files played great, stereo files sent buzzing to the rear and center. I don’t completely understand it, but it works and sounds good.
I didn’t want to spend a fortune, so in order to try this I’m using TS to rca adapters. I know that’s a no-no according to Topping, but it sounds great. I have 5 XLR inputs on my amp… my preamp (Parasound P7) has 7.1 rca inputs and only stereo XLR. I do not want to swap out the xlr on my amp Everytime I listen to streaming music. So what to do? If there was a 5 x 2 in 1 out XLR switch, I’d consider that, but I doubt such a beast exists. So I may buy a proper XLR to rca converter soon.
BTW, before this I was running a marantz receiver with 7.1 pre-outs to my p-7. Then 5.1 audio came from ROCK on my NUC via HDMI.
The topping, even with the cheap rca adapters sounds better. Definitely worth $600. I was considering Okto, that $6000-$8000 Canadian one is way out of my range. Glad I tried the Topping.