Roon and Twonky on the same machine [Resolved]

Have been installing Roon Core on a separate machine (Intel i7 860 CPU, 8 GB Ram, OS on SSD, musicfiles on HDD) for a few days now. On it runs so far only a completely newly installed Windows 10 as well as the Roon server. The functionality in conjunction with the Linn Akurate controlled via iPad or desktop app is immaculate and runs absolutely round.

For using more DLNA devices, I would like to install Twonky on the same machine. Does anyone know if that works fine or is there any reason to run the two servers on different machines? in short words: Any known issues running twonky and roon simultaneously?

I think you should be fine. I, and others, run Roon and Plex Media Server together without problem. Your machine should be up to the job too.

Thanks Martin. I did it, runs like a charm :grinning:

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