Roon and Windows 7 freezing and crashing?

Hello there,

I have installed Roon Server on my Windows 7 laptop along with Roon controller.

I have SOtM SMS-200 transport and NAD M51 DAC.

As soon as I start Roon controller and get the visibility into the files/Tidal, Windows 7 freezes up and I have no option but to turn it off via power button?

Yesterday I’ve seen the blue screen while playing music. The Roon suddenly stooped and the blue screen showed up.

Any suggestions help please?

What is the specification of the laptop?

Hi Henry,

It is Thinkpad ultrabook Intel Core i7, WIN 7 SP1, 4600,CPU 2.1 - 2.7. 8GB RAM, 64 bit OS.
Hope this helps?


Ok that should be fine, more than enough to run Roon with no issues. My only other concern would be the use of Windows 7 instead of 10. Your best bet is to flag @support and see what help they can offer.

Just to be clear, Roon can’t cause a blue screen-type error. That can only be caused by the operating system, or a driver issue or something like that.

Roon could be accessing a problematic driver which could then cause the blue screen, but there’s not going to be much we can do there – we’ll just need to find the bad driver.

@Eric can help you troubleshoot that, but if you’ve installed any new hardware, new drivers, OS upgrades, etc, that’s a good place to start. Either way, I’m sure we can figure this out @Rick_Stepanov – stand by!

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Hi @Rick_Stepanov ---- As Mike mentioned in his post, the best place to start addressing this behavior you are reporting to us, is to understand if any changes have been made to this device since noticing this issue. This will allow us to begin to evaluate what variables could be yielding these results.

Looking forward to your feedback!


I have replaced Lenovo for my old Acer laptop and everything works fine?!
I need to test Lenovo’s hardware and software.
Thanks all

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