Roon Andoid Apps UI issues and inconsistency

So I imagine Roon is inundated with commentary on Arc, so I am just parking this here for when someon gets to it.

I have a Galaxy Z Fold 3, so despite Arc not being ‘tablet ready’ I am affctively running it on a tablet. I use a keyboard and mouse a lot of the time while I am working, as I can flip my inputs on my logitech stuff easily.

It is very useful to run Roon on my Fold and have a separate screen that way for music.

However, there are some frustrating niggles:

  • Roon remote does not scroll using the scroll wheel on the mouse.
  • However Roon remote DOES allow me to swipe with the mouse.
  • Roon Arc does scroll using the scroll wheel on the mouse, but so chronically slowly that it is useless, it’s like a millimeter per several swipes of the scroll wheel.
  • Roon Arc does NOT allow me to swipe with the mouse, so I have to reach out and physically swipe.
  • When using Samsung Dex, these issues persist. Moreover Roon remote needs to restart to resize, where Roon Arc doesn’t.

These are annoying enough that I simply do not use Roon on my Fold in this manner. Trainsmash? No. Inconsistent and weird? Yes.

The reasoning that this is a phone and therefor the UI is not typically used this way is becoming less and less true due to foldables and due to Dex capability. And also this is small stuff, these issues shouldn’t be there regardless.

It would be nice to have these fixed while they are still (for now) nice to haves and not outright frustrations.