Roon Android App - Playing Music Through Bluetooth

I can use the Roon Android app in the same room as my PC to play music - that is all good.

What I would like to do is play the music files through the bluetooth on my Samsung phone to a bluetooth speaker or headphones. Any advice on doing so?

Connect your phone to your Bluetooth speakers or headphone, then choose your phone as endpoint in roon. It will play to your Bluetooth devices. If your phone is on the same LAN then your roon core, that is.

You can even group your phone as a zone with your PC, but you may notice a slight delay on Bluetooth playback.

How do I choose my phone as the endpoint? They are connected to the same LAN/WAN.

The previous poster suggested the right action but, in greater detail top left of screen drop down menu. Select Settings, then Audio. Listed should be the available endpoints. From the phone it should say Connected To This Phone. Enable the default output and your Bluetooth should then work when paired. I listen this way to an Android tablet and it works OK but occasionally stops when the Roon app sleeps.


Thank you very much! Works like a charm.

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