Roon Android app won't start after moving to SD card

LG V40, Android 9

The Android app is pretty heavy (3.5+ GB) and I bought a big, fast SD card especially to help in such cases. It is possible to move the Roon app to the SD storage, but then it just won’t start - Android throws a message saying ‘Roon keeps stopping’. I don’t even get to to see the app’s initial screen. Moving the app back to the internal storage resolves this.

Is this a known issue? Why can’t the Roon Android app run from an SD card?

Any advice please? Has anyone been able to move the mobile app from their phone’s primary storage? Anyone else experiencing these crashes?

I’m actually surprised that your phone even allowed you to move it to SD storage.
Mine certainly will not allow it.
Not sure the how’s or why’s but it seems to know certain apps can’t be moved from internal storage and doesn’t show those as an option to move.

Indeed, there is no such option for many apps I use. It was available for Roon though, so I’m wondering what the blocker is, and if it can be removed with a future update.

Create a feature request for it.

With utmost pleasure, but first I’d just like to know if it isn’t there already. Maybe it’s a phone/Android bug, not a Roon app limitation?

I would imagine it’s by design as SD cards are slower than main memory.
But wait for roon to reply properly.

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FYI - this is the card I bought:

SanDisk Extreme® microSDXC™ UHS-I CARD, 4K UHD, Full HD | Western Digital

Apparently, it’s fast enough to work with 4k video. So I struggle to understang how it could be too slow for Roon.

[EDIT:] I understand that the phone might not utilize the full bandwidth (like plugging the latest SSD to the SATA interface of a 10yr old laptop). Would like to hear from the Roon Team.

Hey @ModerateDionysianism,

Thanks for taking the time to write in! You are correct in that Roon unfortunately cannot function from an SD card, no matter how hefty or fast the card is. This is primarily because SD cards are meant to serve strictly as additional storage on a device.

I will certainly pass this request to our dev team though! Certainly, :+1: let me know if you have any additional questions or run into any other issues along the way

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Thanks for the response, @benjamin! Hopefully the devs will find a way of exploring this option. Roon Remote is by far the heaviest app on my phone and I do have multiple other apps that can run from SD.

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