Roon + Android + USB Output with DF Red

I’m a newbie, so be gentle. I’m running an Edge 7 with the high res files being piped down the USB with an Audioquest Jitter Bug + Dragonfly Red combo. I’ve got as far as getting it to work by closing the application USB Pro. But, the volume is maxed out & is very low. I’ve tried all different settings in the audio section to no avail. It’s not using the Dragonfly volume control. Am I not doing something or is this as good as it gets sort of thing? Any help advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

I might of just answered my own question? I enabled Bit Perfect processing, thereby by passing all dsp? Could this be the answer, & if it is, how the hell do I disable it. DOH!

I tested out using a dragonfly with my Note and thought it just wasn’t worth the hassle and the battery drain. Finally, I just the dragonfly back on one of the spare computers. I think sending hi res files out via usb works and sounds better using a self-powered DAC rather than one which is drawing power from the phone.

Hey Daniel. I’m blown away what a difference I’M getting now. BUT, I am using a very large mallet to crack the nut, hi-fi wise.

Previously I was using a Note 3, using Cloud Player to knock out 32kbs mp3 files, with a Fillo M12 amp & Sony MDR-EX650 in ears. I was content with this, it was more than acceptable.

Now, using an Edge S7, with USB Player Pro with FLAC files from 16/44 to 24/192, Dragonfly Red + Jitterbug (overkill), & a pair of £1200 Astell&Kern AKT5P Beyerdynamic.

Needless to say Daniel the satisfaction I’m getting now with the 2nd set up makes me smile an awful lot.

I was just attempting to use roon instead of USB Player Pro, but no worries as the latter is more than great. As for this draining power thingy, can’t say I’ve noticed much of a difference? Cheers.

That’s great! I never said it didn’t sound good. But, playing 24/192 files using PowerAmp straight out the headphone jack was close enough to using the Dragonfly that the extra bother didn’t seem worth it, to me. If you’ve never used PowerAmp, give it a go, best Android player, imho.

Yup. PowerAmp was my 1st android proper player, best thing about it is the nice art work interface, I cant remember if it plays FLAC but I moved on to Neutron, which was FLAC ok, but its clunky look + feel was not good, then Cloud Player which was a cross between the previous 2, now USB PP. I didn’t think you thought it was down to sound Daniel, only that I thought the extra bother was worth it. Sorry if it sounded that way, I have M.E. & my thinking + articulation can get blurred.