Roon android will not work on latest Chromebook Pro

Does roon have any energy around getting roon remote android to work with the latest Chromebook Pro (XES10C24) that will run other android apps?

@support, I wish. :wink:

Does it not load at all or does it just fail to find your server?

I find on my chrome devices if i open the app on chrome/Android and then toggle the allow remote connection switch in settings on the server app allows it to connect.

Annoying but it works.

@Derek_Wyman, doesn’t find the core on my Pixelbook. Manually entering IP address doesn’t work. But I can open a crosh tab and ping the IP.

I saw your post about being able to ping it. Have you tried my work around? I’d be interested to see on a network level what happens when you toggle that switch. It connects immediately but I’m not sure what it does to resolve the “blindness” to the core.

What I do most of the time is leave a remote desktop window open so I can toggle the switch whenever the app loses connection. Not ideal but better than nothing.

@Derek_Wyman, I must be blind, I don’t see “Allow remote connection” in settings. Which tab/category is it located?

Under setup. Only visible on the core not the remotes.

My core is Rock on a Nuc. There are only a couple settings in the web UI, unless I’m missing something.

Hi @Frank_Palm,

At this time Chromebook devices are not supported Roon remotes. Chrome OS handles networking on Android apps differently than most devices which doesn’t allow it to connect to the Core over the network.

That answers my question. Thanks for your response.

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@dylan I have Google care with my Pixelbook and contacted Google to explain the issue with Roon. They said it’s the application developers fault, yet Roon says it’s Chrome OS. Hmmmm?

I purchased my Chromebook Pro to run Android apps. They all work fine except Roon. Tidal works fine too. Maybe a future feature request?

@Frank_Palm How do you like your Chromebook Pro? I considered it but had just bought an Acer R13. When my Dad’s Windows computer got ranson-ware I gave him the Acer which benefited me in two ways. Less tech support from me and an excuse to buy a Pixelbook. :slight_smile:

As much as I love Roon the Android app is weak. The app doesn’t render correctly on my Pixel phone or my Pioneer xdp-100r. What’s more frustrating is it did work on my Pixelbook in touch mode until either Chrome OS or Roon released an update and it stopped altogether. It might have broke after I moved my Core to Rock, I can’t be sure. I really wish they’d clean up the Android app because right now it’s just clunky.

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