Roon API broken for fetching radio station thumbnails

Hi guys,

RoPieee uses Roon API to be able to show information on the Raspberry Pi touchscreen.
Recently people are reporting that there is no thumbnail shown when listening to radio stations.

RoPieee fetches cover art directly from the Roon server via the ‘/api/image’ URL (as is documented in the Roon API).

However, when doing this for ‘coverart’ from a radio station Roon server returns a 501. My Roon server logs also show that an ‘unexpected error’ occured (resulting in the 501), so something is going on.

Could you please look into this?


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Same happen on my Naim Uniti Atom endpoint no Radio artwork this is wider than Ropieee I think.

Hey @spockfish,

Thanks for taking a moment to bring this to our attention. I’ve looped in our technical team, so they can take a closer look at this :nerd_face:

Thanks in advance for your patience :pray:

Hi @beka ,

Any update on this? This is a regression and affects quite some users.
Would be great if you at least can confirm that you can reproduce it and that it’s ‘on the radar’.


Hi @spockfish, I think this is related to an issue we have a ticket in for. It’s not going to make the very next release, but it’s something on our radar for the near future.

Hi @dylan any update on this? I really hope that this regression is going to be fixed for the next release.


Hi @dylan , I am suffering on this issue, too.
Does Roon make any progress on this problem?
Thanks in advance :pray:

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Same here, not world ending but all part of the experience.


Good news. Since yesterday about 22:00 (UTC+1) the radio station thumbs/logos are back in my environment. :+1:

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