Roon API: Calling preset DSP

At the moment the API doesn’t incorporate any DSP functionality. A few people have asked for a loudness control or similar, which could be an extension project.

An API method to call a preset DSP for a Zone could be a simple first step towards introducing DSP to the API.

I would second this request. I did buy roon a few days ago and finished my setup. I implemented Loudness by having 2 DSP-Presets a HIFI and Loudness Preset. Know I wanted to check out how I can switch them via the API and found this Thread. My goal, having around 10 Loudness presets and using my Harmony remote to switch between them. The best way would be to have two methods to iterate the presets like “next” and “prev”. If the presets are sorted Alphabetically I could give them correct names and could implemented a “perfect” loudness volume control myself.

The continuing automation and integration of roon into our home- and automated systems simply calls for this feature request, thats why I want to bring this feature request back on top.

A simple possibility to switch between DSP Presets via RoonApiTransport.

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I would love to have this functionality, being able to automate my presets would make switching headphones much smoother