Roon API HTTPS support

I am working on a Roon Web Controller implemented as Progressive Web App.
It requires to use the websocket based Roon API via secured websockets (wss).
Supporting only HTTP causes more and more troubles on current browsers.
Would be great to support HTTPS !!!

Hello @Christian_Riedl,

Thanks for the report, I’ve forwarded this request to the development team for comment.


Kind of agree with this request from a PWA perspective but I also think the burden on users to have the right services to support the full certificate infrastructure on the local network is far too high. Some NAS may be able to support this out of box, assuming a user can figure out how to get this running (CA + supporting DNS for local SSL cert issue and validation up to a legit root chain to avoid having to deploy root certs to browsers - which might be on a TV or some other closed appliance like device).

It used to be easier a long time ago when you could get a ‘legit’ server cert with a local network name, but not for a long time now - the assumption being that those who need local certs are those on an enterprise network so the supporting services will be in place - CA, DNS and/or some means of provisioning certs to all client machine that need them if the root cert is a self issue.

The more I think about this, the more it sounds like a can of worms for all involved and especially Roon’s support folks :slight_smile:

I also think when you start to look at doing a true PWA user experience for Roon, then I would like to see a very different browse API (make it stateless with fixed item and collection IDs, so a client can fully mange its own view model and caching/pre-caching without having to coerce or fight with the server side state - and browse from now playing to the album containing the track etc). The current API is great for allowing a really simple app to be created quickly, which I think was its intent, but I find it becomes a hinderance when trying to do something more native-app like (ie PWA like).

(I’ve been down this road with vue 2.5 + vue material + vue touch).

I agree with you, My PWA is also vue and vuetify based. I implemented it to integrate all my media stuff in one app (including IR remote control) running even on a handy universal remote.
But I already implemented a work arround (some wss => ws relay).

I’ve posted about this exact problem on github

Without a bounce through the public internet, I don’t see this cleanly working. I hate the bounce, so I don’t see this happening.

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