Roon app and Android - wouldn't be nice?

Based on this article, which I confirmed myself, Tidal is quietly rolling out a bit-perfect Android app | Darko.Audio Tidal’s app bypasses the Android system limitation of 48Khz and resampling.
I wonder if this can be possible at near future with the Roon app too!
What do you guys think


Very nice, wasn’t aware of this change - hopefully other streaming services will jump on board. UAPP is good, but the lack of offline support makes it not ideal for out of the home use where I’d be mainly using my phone as a listening device.

I’d be all for the change for Roon but I’m not sure how many people would make use of it to justify the development time - as Roon requires you to be within your local network, for me there’s not many situations where I’m using my phone for primary listening at home. My experience may not be universal but I’m certain they would have the data on this.

You are right… I agree with all your points. For me it would be very useful now on summer when I am out in the garden, doing work or just relaxing… When inside the house, I don’t use the app that much!

I use my Hiby Android dap around the house so this would be very welcome and would reduce my box count as would not need my bedroom headrig at all. I don’t use Roon on it much due to resampling. For me its anything above 44.1/24 not the usual Android 48/24.

I use a Hiby around the house (and garden) as well. And there are a couple of other DAPs on Android that are Hi-Res capable. Would be nice to be able to use this.