Roon app cannot see ROCK

Hey, looking for some advice. Neither iOS nor MacOS devices can see my ROCK core server.

ROCK runs on a NUC 8i3 without incident until today. iPhone runs latest system v12. iMac runs latest system v10.14.6. No recent software changes on any device. Synology DS418play NAS runs latest DSM system 6.2.2.x

Network traffic is through Orbi RBR-50 and RBS-50 routers. Signals are strong. Both ROCK and Synology NAS music server are connected by CAT6 cable to the RBS-50. ALL devices show up as “Attached Devices” (iPhone and iMac as wireless) in Orbi software.

ROCK is loadable by both iPhone and iMac at, and pings come back positive. Roon knows that 1.10 is a static address for ROCK.

The ROCK NUC, the Synology NAS, and the Orbi routers have all been rebooted to no avail.

What am I missing? Thanks a lot.

Have you restarted everything? Power it all down and restart the network first then the endpoints and core

Thanks for the reply. I wrote in the last sentence of my description above that I had restarted the three relevant devices. I’ve also restarted the Mac.

See attachment. Roon can see the ROCK but will not connect. Restarted the ROCK. (Runtime: “0 minutes, 5 seconds.”)

Any clues here? As I said, I haven’t made any changes since yesterday, when it was working fine.

Restart the iOS device app…

@phantomtides Disable your Mac firewall, or allow incoming incoming connections for Roon:

Hi @phantomtides,

If you connect your Mac to the same router that ROCK is connected to, does that change anything? Have you verified that your Orbi firmware is up to date? Can you check to see if Disable IGMP Proxying is unchecked as per our Networking Best Practices Guide?

Thanks for the suggestions, fellas. For no discernible reason it began working again the other day, but I’ll verify the settings nonetheless. Thanks again for taking the time to reply!

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