Roon app can't find Nucleus core on iPad OS 16.6.1 (ref#AIE6IU)

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I am a lifelong subscriber, and have used ROON for many years. A few days ago I opened the ROON ap and it says it can’t find my core. I am on an iPad OS 16.6.1. Nucleus core. I have rebooted everything thing 3 times. Looked at the Nucleus thru its IP address and reinstalled: Operating system, ROON server software & ROON Database & Settings. Nothing is working.

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Roon Core Specifications

ROON necleus, Qnap nas, Parasound integrated amp, Mac OS 16.6.1

Connected Audio Devices

Parasound integrated amp USB

Home Network Details

Ethernet connection, xfinity internet 400mps download, Netgear switch


Can the iPad see the Nucleus if you open Safari on the iPad and navigate to ? (Is that how you reinstalled the operating system etc.?)

Yes that is how I reinstalled: 1. Operating System 2. Restarted ROON Server Software

Check to see what your iPad and iPhone IP numbers are.

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iPad iPhone

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Do you have a PC that is connected via ethernet to the switch the Nucleus is on? If so, does it find Roon via the Roon app on the PC?

Can you post a screenshot of what it says precisely?

12:58 PM Wed Oct

÷ 100%07

Remote connection

Waiting for remote Core.

Roon is still trying to connect, but it’s taking longer than normal.

Check that your Roon Core is on and connected. You may also want to confirm your network settings and firewall.

Select a different Core

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Downloscion the

App Store

No I don’t have a PC connected

Did you try clicking that? It might show your usual Nucleus and a Connect button. Maybe that works then

I tried but I cannot locate my music folder so ROON can connect the path I thought was it is \\datavol21\artists but that doesn’t work. Any ideas? Can I find the path on my iPad?

I’m confused. Isn’t the issue that the iPad can’t connect to the Nucleus? Seems that is the first issue to solve, no?

Plus, if the Nucleus is, iPad is, and iPhone is, which device is
In addition, this might be on a different subnet, 10.0.1 vs 10.0.0 (though this depends on your router’s netmask)

Thank you it did work after many tries, I really appreciate it

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