Roon App Constantly Refreshing/Crashing

Windows 10 Pro/Intel Core i7-7567U @ 3.50GHz, 16 GB RAM/1.8 (build 783)

AT&T ARRIS BGW-710 Modem (Bridge Mode), TP-Link Router Archer C4000/2 TP Link Hubs (4 Port).
-WiFi w/ iPad/iPhone XS Max/MacBook Pro
-Ethernet w/ Core, Mac mini

MOON ACE, Ethernet
Naim Muso QB, Ethernet
Naim Muso, Ethernet
Topping DAC, Ethernet (Mac mini)
Apple HomePod/Mini, Wifi
Sonos Beam, Wifi

While using any Roon remote (I-pad, iPhone, MacBook Pro (WIFI), Mac mini (ethernet) the app refreshes or I get “Searching for Core” message. The message/refresh will last 1 second or less, then I’m back at the current album I’m listening to. If I’m browsing albums or looking at settings (DSP), the entire window or album will close when the screen refreshes, taking me back to the current album, also the recommendations for albums to listen to refresh, sometimes there’s something I was interested in only to never see it again.

The ethernet port on the Intel NUC went bad, therefore I replaced it w/ a USB C gigabit ethernet connection. Prior to replacing the refresh issue was more persistent and it would also stop playback on any device. Now the issue occurs less often, however music playback is not impacted.

Before creating a ticket I replaced all the ethernet cables in my setup, I bypassed the router, I placed the modem in bridge mode, reconnected the router. Still the issue persists. Please help!

Hey @Emmanuel_Tarango,

Thanks a whole lot for describing in detail not only the issue you’ve been running into, but also your setup and the steps you’ve taken to remedy the situation.

I am sorry it’s been taking us this long to reply :pleading_face:. I wish this wasn’t the case. Please, accept my apology.

You mentioned this behavior occurring less often. Have you noticed any patterns of when it happens? Can you reproduce it?

Yes all I have to do is launch the app and it will at some point loose connection and reconnect. It’s more frequent on my iPhone and iPad.

Hey @Emmanuel_Tarango,

Thanks for keeping us updated. There are a few things that you can check, especially temporarily disabling the firewall that might help:

Would you mind taking a look and trying the few steps listed there?

Thanks yet again :pray:

Hi, the link provided does not contain any instructions on disabling the firewall. My only concern about doing this is, who’s going to help me protect my computer and use Roon at the same time. This software should be certified to work in a windows 10 production environment.

That Help article linked to does in fact have links to instructions for the Windows Firewall and the MacOS Firewall. If you are using a third-party product, then please refer to the documentation for the product that you use.

And the key word in @beka 's reply is “temporarily”.

The test is to see whether your Firewall is blocking Roon traffic. Normally, installing Roon will set the required Firewall rules on the PC/Mac you are using, but if those settings have been lost for some reason (e.g. a Windows or MacOS update - it has been known to happen), then the setting will need to be reapplied.

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I turned off Windows Firewall, issue continues.