Roon app crashes when I drag a file to import

This works and is supposed to work but what happens is if I drag a file onto the roon remote desktop app it just closes it instead of importing the file. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I can try 5 times with a file and it will work on the 5th try for example.

I am so confused as to how to get files into Roon. I had my original iTunes swap that worked fine but I don’t understand how to say take a folder or album in Dropbox and get it to go into Roon and copy the files onto my hard drive. If I have a friend send an album on Dropbox I’d like to be able to get it copied to my hard drive in Roon. I used to just drag it onto iTunes and that was it. I’m really not getting this and I have tried poking around but nothing is obvious.

Have you read through the user guide?

Adding your music

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