Roon app crashes when launching after restoring a backup

Roon Core Machine

Windows 11 Home
Ryzen 78003xd, 32GB RAM
Roon client 2.0 build 1300

Description of Issue

I built a new PC for myself, and wanted to move my Roon database over. I created the backup, and moved those files to my new PC.

After installing Roon and logging in, I went to settings and restored by backup from the one I created the previous day. Roon then prompts for an app restart. When it loads, all I see is a white screen, and Roon stops responding. I need to force quit Roon via the task manager.

My database isn’t exactly huge, so I thought this would be rather straightforward. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi @Coran welcome to the community!

There is an article the explains all the steps involved in moving a Roon Core. As you didn’t mention it, I don’t know if you’ve followed the steps that are outlined. But perhaps it’s a good place to start:

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Thanks for this. This was the guide I followed when I first tried this.

Last night, I tried everything again. I followed the steps exactly. This time, it seemed to be successful! It prompted me to log in, and all my play history and everything else was there as expected. Roon started scanning my library, as it was in the same place as on my old computer (exact same file path and everything). After that was completed, I set up my sound device and played a few tracks to make sure everything was working. I then closed the program and shut down my computer as it was late.

This morning, booted up my computer and went to start Roon, and the original problem came back. Roon stopped responding as it was opened, so all I saw was a blank white screen until I force quit the program.

Any guidance here is greatly appreciated.

Hi @Coran,

Thank you for clarifying that you have followed the guide and explaining in detail the problem you are experiencing.

I know that the Roon support team is somewhat behind on addressing customer issues so for the time being, please be patient. Hopefully other users like myself can provide you with some guidance and help you resolve the issue.

Given that the system was up and running after the restore, I believe you should also consider other root causes for what you are experiencing. You have indicated that you have built a new PC on which you are trying to run the Roon Core. I have seen a number of topics on the forum where a white screen seemed to be caused by drivers. Maybe you already did this, but if not, it is advisable to check for updated drivers. In particulate video and audio drivers have been known to cause issues.

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Just came across the following:

Maybe not the same, but perhaps some of the suggestions are worth a try?

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I can’t thank you enough for your help. I think I have found the problem/solution in this thread:

What is very interesting is that I was using the exact same monitor on my old PC, and Roon opened on it just fine. Very strange. It seems like they are aware and a fix might be coming at some point in the future.

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Happy to help. Hopefully the issue gets resolved quickly.

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