ROON app doesnt notice when new music files are copied to NAS

I’m having a little problem. ROON does not notice new tracks (music files) when I copy them to my NAS. I have downloaded several music FLAC files from QoBuz. I copy them onto my NAS and ROON does not
notice them. I always have to do a Force Rescan (settings / storage / Folders) on my Roon App which is running on my Ipad. I believe I have things set up so that ROON “monitors folders for new music”.
I have a folder set to \\NAS3B1AF1\TimKelley music. It says connected and Watching for new files in real time". After I do a Force Rescan everything is always correct and the newly added file/track shows up in Tracks.

Depends on how patient you are. Roon periodically scans for new files on a NAS, you don’t HAVE to do a manual rescan. The period is a bit longish (more than a few minutes) - don’t know if you can change the interval.

Nas devices are noticbly bad at telling other operating systems about file updates over the network. Its not a Roon specific issue happens with Plex and other software . Its better at it depending on what OS the core is on. If your core is on the NAS it’s more or less instant as its local file system update, if on Linux or Rock then it wont trigger an update automatically so they won’t show up until the the next time Roon performs a scan and update this interval you set when you add the music location, you can edit it to reduce the time between scans. Windows and Mac can have the same issue to but some Nas devices seem to work better with these then linux. The issue isnt Roon it’s how your Nas is telling other systems hey there are new files available.