Roon App GUI Visibility in QNAP TVS-471

Hi I don’t believe this is yet available from directly within the NAS when using it as a stand alone PC. Correct?

I’m using the headless core server and the mobile remote control app and everything works fine. Would be great to get the nice interface on the hdmi connected screen within the NAS and not just on phone/ tablet. I moved to this setup to get rid of my pc and just work off one device - don’t want to reintroduce my pc to get the full blown app.


As there is no GUI available for Roon on Linux machines, your only option is to install a windows VM in the virtualisation center and use it to run Roon (as a remote). I’d keep the Roon Core/Server as it is.
This Windows VM can utilise the HDMI video output.
I did not try this yet, but I see no reason why this should not work.

Interesting thanks - i will try this and report back. May take me some time being a relative newbie to Linux :cold_sweat: