Roon app has gone backwards

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Win 64 Build 764 Ver 1.8 Dedicated Roon server device.

Wired network via Netgear 24 Port Managed Switch

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

  1. Arcam irDac into Arcam PreAmp, Arcam Power Amp and Spendor Passive Speakers
  2. HiFiBerry into Amp and Kef Passive speakers

iPhone 12 latest o/s
iPad Mini latest o/s
Win Workstation (different to server) 64 Bit.

Description Of Issue

Generally I have been very happy with Roon, but after recent upgrades the usability has seriously declined.

  1. Control volume from clients.
    I used to be able to use any client to turn off audio on any output device. Now … there is no audio on/off option per output device.
  2. Display of Queues.
    I get the sense that the handling of ques has changed. It now appears to be queues per client, rather than queues per output.

When I pick up a client I discover that the que displayed is the last que I used on that particular client, not the que in active use by the roon server. To re-establish control of the que I have to hit the play button on the client (which stops the track currently playing, which I want to keep playing. I may want to change the volume or just temporarily stop playback.

Having selected play on my client (and frustratingly it now screws up the que I want to continue playing, I have to suspend play on the client and then go and reselect the music I want to play from my library.

Someone has seriously screwed up the usability and architecture of your client server solution.

[Ps. I understand how client server systems operate.]

Ps. Why ccan I not cut and paste the config from the Roon App rather than having to laboriously copy the details…

Queues work across clients. I’ve just tested that I can stop and start the same end point from different control points.
Perhaps a screen shot or two of what you are looking at would help.

Hi @Matt_O_Brien

The queue should still work the same as it had previously for the most part — The queue is per-endpoint. Are you sure that you have the same queue Zone selected on both remotes?

Can you share some screenshots of what you’re seeing?

Here is a screen dump from Roon on a Windows client (easiest to do a screen grab).

I used to be able to click a pause button against each output device.

See where I inserted blue squares here…. Where pause/play is missing.

I cannot drag or paste images (ie screen grab) to this dialogue input.


In 1.8 you will only see a Pause icon (together with the “waveform” animated icon) on Zones that are currently playing. It seems to be missing on your setup? What version of Windows are you running? And this is the full version of Roon - i.e. Core, Control and Output components?

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