Roon app keeps crashing

I run Roon app on a mac mini acting as fileserver for music. all the mini does is run Roon and a couple of file maintenance scripts.

starting about a month ago, Roon crashes every day, at least once a day, sometimes more than once. for no apparent reason. I try to play music, nothing happens. I log into the server and Roon has crashed. is there someone I can talk to and share some crashlogs to figure out what is going wrong. prior to this, Roon ran flawlessly unattended for weeks and weeks without a problem. now it won’t stay running for a single day.

thank you for the help

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by crash but Roon 2.0 changed the way Roon reacts to Mac Power settings.
This can cause Roon to stop responding.
Check your Mac power settings and see if that helps.

the machine is a Mac Mini, not a laptop. it’s on power all the time.