Roon app login issue

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Synology DiskStation DS218+ with 10GB Ram ( DSM 6.2.3-25426) / Roon build nr.: 2020-12-15

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I’m using the Windows app on my desktop and the Roon remote app on my android phone. Every time I start app(s) I have to login to Roon. After the log in I’m getting a “You’re already signed in” message. If I go back to connect to the core, I have to log in again and the process starts all over again.
If I log in again I can unauthorize the core running on my core machine and can use the app.

Hey @el_fraile,

Sorry it took us this long to get back to you - we had hoped it was going to be sooner.

Choosing the unauthorize option is the way to resolve this. Have you been experiencing the same behavior since?

Thanks in advance :pray:

Thank you for your answer @beka . As I described above, I did choose the unauthorized option and it did not resolve the problem.
I have to log in every time and I’m getting the same answer every time that “I’m already signed in”.
After I unauthorize the core, I can use the app, but I have to repeat the whole process every time.

Also, in the meantime another issue occured, On the android app, if I try to enter my login details, the app completely freeze, thus absolutely useless.

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@rebeka @support any solution, suggestion… anything?
I’m paying for your service, which is currently unusable on my device.
I would really appreciate if I could get at least some feedback from you.
Thank you

Hey @el_fraile,

Thanks for following up on your request - I appreciate it, just as much as I do your patience while we’re replying.

We’re doing all we can to reply as soon as possible - it’s also worth keeping in mind that support is closed over the weekend.

You should hear back very soon :pray:

Hi @el_fraile

How did you install Roon on your Synology? Did you use the standard installation outlined here: Synology – RoonOnNAS

When you sign back in are you having to add all of your music again, or is your database still in place?

Hello @dylan
Thanks for the reply.
I used the standard installation method as described on the page you linked.

On the android app I can’t sign in. (The app freezes immediatelly after I enter my email address)
On the windows I can log in. If I unauthorize it, I can use the app and the database and my music is in place.

The fact that you have to unauthorized to access says, be it intentionally or unintentionally, somewhere there is more than one instance of a roon server being run.


In almost all cases, a remote will not have to login to the core once the initial setup process of the core is done, it just needs to connect. If a remote is asking you to login, it’s usually because you’re trying to use the roon app as a core instead of a remote.

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