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Mac Mini M2
Starlink Ethernet
PS Audio Air Lens, Cambridge Audio Dac Magic 2, Anthem 1140
2000 tracks.

When I attempt to play tracks it keeps skipping to the next track until it stops and gives me an error message:

Too many failures. Stopping playback

I’ve just merged your post here to your existing topic, please do not create new topics for the same issue.

thanks for helping

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Mac Book pro 2013.

If you remove the Air Lens from the playback chain does the skipping stop?

I just purchased the air lens and problem existed long before then

Do you have all necessary information now?

Would a Nucleus help?
Although i am reticent to buy it because i already have great streamer

@John_Lake, how is your M2 mini connected to your home network served by Starlink? Is it with an Ethernet connection or with WiFi to Starlink’s router?

Ethernet sir

Do you have any other network devices in your network, such as an Ethernet switch? Also, is the M2 mini’s WiFi on or turned off?

I have a network switch but that was added after Roon stopped working
Wifi is on in my Mac

Turn off WiFi on the Mac, it is not needed if the mini is connected via Ethernet cable.

Depends what he wants to do. Some things like Airdrop need wifi enabled. However, the wifi doesn’t need to be actually connected to the wifi network (and probably shouldn’t, to be sure that it uses Ethernet)

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Ok i will do that
Would a Roon Nucleus help?

No need to jump to a Nucleus unless that is something you want to do. The M2 mini should be a great Roon Server, just need it to get stabilized on your network. What switch did you install in your network?

Pardon my ignorance

It may look something like this, with more connecting ports: