Roon app not opening

anyone aware of issues-i tried to open roon app on my mac and it opened and computer shut down before music started playing. computer restarted and same thing happened again. now when i open roon app it just spins and never loads. in addition i noticed my iTunes has no music it it. seems the entire i tunes music is gone. the library is there in my computer under music but nothing in iTunes-seems i have to restart the process of scanning i tunes for media- anyone have any idea whats going on?


I have exactly the same thing but on my Windows 8.1 PC.


Something major is wrong because I called apple and Roon opens in test user mode but not main user-can anyone ping the designers of the app and get us some help??

If you list your symptoms in the support section someone will get in touch with you and help, they are in contact with me at the moment about it.