Roon App on Ipad and Iphone stopped working 7 days ago

I have a Windows unit, Ryzen 9 CPU.

I have had Roon on my NAS for more than 2 years. My iPhone and iPad have worked fine in those years. Suddenly 7 days ago these apps on the IOS machines stopped being able to see the NAS. I did nothing to change anything.

Since that time I have removed the core from the NAS and restarted. It is working fine on the NAS as the status states it is working.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

-ORBI Mesh Router.

Connected Audio Devices

Computer is hard wired to router. NAS is hard wired to router. IOS devices are wifi from the same router. There is a Netgear Gigabyte switch between the NAS and the Router.

Number of Tracks in Library

Like 10,000

Description of Issue

7 days ago, the Roon system on my IOS devices failed to find the core.

I Uninstalled the Core on the NAS. Reinstalled the Core. Core is operating per the NAS

Uninstalled the Apps on the IOS devices. Installed again. It is just constantly searching for the core but does not find it.

Im lost and wondering what to check now. Nothing is left. Computer works fine. Orbi mesh system is operating fine.

I wish there was phone support because it would be better to talk to someone in person.


Can the Roon app on the Windows unit see Roon? Is it ethernet or Wifi? Sometimes the Wifi network and ethernet network can be split into different subnets by your router. If this occurs, the endpoints on Wifi will not be able to communicate with the core, since Roon requires all devices be in the same subnet.

You can check this, if you compare the first 3 number groups of the I devices and the Roon Core and verify that they match.

Also, you might try rebooting the whole network including router, switches, NAS, computers and i devices, in that order.

Maybe also post all your units’ Roon version numbers, cause if the server version lags behind, newer remotes might not work…

Thanks for the comments. I went back in and checked all the IP’s of the devices and all are on the same subnet as always because I have my Orbi router set to use a specific Static IP for computer, Ipad Iphone, and NAS. So I kind of jumped to quick for the help. I remember that I am using a Firewall on the NAS and about 7 to 8 days ago, I changed a setting on the Firewall to be more selective on allowing connections. Well, I changed back to what I had before and of course everything started working instantly. Problem has been solved and I apologize to the efforts the 2 posters have put into the issue. Another lesson learned is that you cant change something as simply wanting to be more safe with a more selective firewall on the NAS which is the device that has the Roon Core on it.


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Good, you’re up and running again :+1:

But initially you did post …

… you naughty boy you!

You are correct. I meant not changing more about the Roon server Core and Orbi Mesh Router and not changing or doing anything to the IOS devices. I was wrong in thinking making the firewall on the NAS stronger that it would not affect the Core. I was wrong and again I am sorry I wasted the time of those who responded. I learned a lesson today. Change one thing not associated with the CORE and it will/could change how that CORE functions. Again my apologies!


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