Roon app on iPad crashes and loses endpoint

I am running Roon controller on an iPad. Roon constantly crashes on me. I regularly add my iPad as an audio endpoint, but when I return, the app closes down. When I reopen it, my iPad audio endpoint may or may not be there.
I love Roon and my current licence expires end February. I would love to renew, but the constant crashing is very disruptive.
Any help appreciated.

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Hello @John_Keeley1 ,

Welcome to the forum! Is there any change in behavior if you try to reboot the iPad?

Roon app on 1.8 keeps crashing after launch - iPad Pro 2020, latest iPad OS

Hello @Wouter_Kolkman ,

Thank you for the report here, we are tracking this behavior in the following thread, please let us know here for further troubleshooting: