Roon App on IphoneSE is crashing on startup

Hello Andrew,
last few days I have problem to launch roon on my Iphone SE. It opens and close imidiately. I try to restart my phone and to check for roon remote update but it is not help. Do you have any hint ?
regards Ranko

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Hello @Ranko_Labovic!
Thanks for your report!
First of all, let`s get the logs from your device for further investigation. You may do it in the following way:

  1. Close the Roon App
  2. Go to the System settings → Roon
  3. There will be two options, you need to switch a second one: “Save logs to Files on next startup”
  4. Start the Roon App

The .tgz archive will be saved in Files → on this iPhone. Please share this file with us.

Thank you!

Andrew, it is working :grinning:, thanks very much

I wanted to say, I used first to reset roon remote on next startup and everything was ok.

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