Roon app on mobile with Android 7.0 no longer starts since last update

Hey Henry,

Can you confirm a few things for me:

  • How much free space you have on the device (Settings > Storage)
  • The model listed under Settings > About Phone > Model - a screenshot would be great
  • Whether you’ve wiped the phone and started fresh (Settings > System > Reset)?
  • Whether you’ve resolved the issues affecting other apps described here:

I don’t know if all the Settings paths above are exactly right, but they should be close.

Also, just to be clear about this:

We have thousands of installs of the Android app, so I don’t think it’s correct to say Roon “caused this problem” or discuss this issue like something is broken – maybe there’s a bug, maybe there isn’t, but we definitely don’t have enough info to say at this point.

Whatever is going on here appears to only be happening on your device, and we’ll do whatever we can to get this resolved for you, but it’s not something we can “fix” until we know what’s broken, or until we figure out how to get one of our devices “broken” in the same way as yours.

In any event, we appreciate your patience, and look forward to your answers to the questions above.


The operating system stores the roon software on the SD card although there is enough free space on the mobile phone. If I store the roon software back on the phone and any updates again fill the memor

y of the phone, the operating system repeatedly write the memory on the SD card and roon is back on the SD card. As the updates of the various apps are constantly renewed, new updates are coming in almost daily from Adobe Acrobat Reader or Gmail or Google Maps or whatever. So you have to constantly write the memory of the mobile phone on the SD card

Another screenshot from last Friday before I reset the phone with Xperia Companion and repaired for the second time.

Reset under system is not a date and if I put it back again, I can not take a screenshot. the app of discogs was repeatedly updated by just uninstalling and reinstalling, and the operating system of the mobile phone is up to date.

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